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World history in a nutshell

More than 1100 pages, this behemoth of a book still fails to capture the whole essence of world history - and rightly so. How can you combine over 2000 years of human history and still do justice to every element? But the unique manner in which this book - or more appropriately, collection of letters - has been written, it shines brightly amongst the plethora of history books you can find on this vast subject of world history.

Lately and unfortunately, people in my country have been going down a dangerous political hole and it is almost becoming a fashion statement now to indulge in tales of “revisionist history”, especially when it’s related to foundations of India and the exact roles played by political parties of the time. It’s shameful to hear people bashing Nehru for whatever “wrongs” he committed, while at the same time, being ignorant about his accomplishments and the monumentally difficult task he faced of leading and building India during its first few years of Independence.

The personal nature of the letters and the choice of the subject notwithstanding - or more accurately, I should say because of these characteristics - this book is also a revealing window to the character and intelligence of our first Prime Minister.

This one would surely go onto my favorites' stand :)