Recently when my mom got a new phone, I wanted to remove some system applications from the phone which are bloatware. Now doing this with a laptop is fairly easy, we can just use adb to uninstall, however the task becomes difficult if you cannot use a PC.

Found a way to do this via Shizuku + Hail:

  • Install Shizuku Shizuku home screen
  • Starting with android 11, you can use ADB on the device without using a PC. You’ll have to enable wireless debugging first and then connect the app through the wireless debugging.
  • Go to About phone -> build number and keep clicking it to enable developer mode
  • Once enabled, search for wireless debugging in settings -> enable that -> click on the left side of the panel to go inside wireless debugging
  • Open Shizuku and click on pairing under wireless debugging
  • Give notification access Shizuku notification
  • Click on developer options -> go to wireless debugging -> pair device with pairing code -> note down the pairing code
  • Give that code in the notification bar -> pairing should be successful
  • Go back to the home screen in Shizuku and click on Start
    • If you get the following error, simply restart Shizuku: Error in Shizuku
  • Shuzuku should be running now.
  • Install Hail -> go to settings -> click on working mode -> select Shizuku - Disable -> Allow all the time
  • Go to Apps from the bottom navigation in Hail -> select the system apps you want to freeze -> go back to home after selecting these apps
    • By default only User apps are listed. Click on three dots and select system apps to list all apps
  • Click on the right hand corner icon to freeze these apps. Voilà, all these system applications should be disabled.