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This book falls into the category of books that I like to call “Fast-food books”. They won’t necessarily make you healthier or your mind sounder, but it’ll feel really good while you’re eating them. There’s only so many anecdotes you can digest. The most common criticism that people have with these kind of books are that they could’ve been summarized in a much shorter format - probably a blog post or two. The same applies here - only the irony is that it is BECAUSE of those blog posts and the reaction it generated that prompted the author to write a whole book about it.

Probably should have let the blogs say it all.

Well, now that my rant is over, I’d like to list some of the positive things that I got out of this book. While tiring at times, reading through the different stories and the paths ordinary people take to become successful made me appreciate the importance of THINKING about your career. For people in my field (software developers), it can be a daunting task to get ourselves out of the autopilot and start questioning things - which includes the choices that we’ve made for our own careers. But doing exactly that is an important and necessary step towards achieving a fulfilling career.

Give this one a read if you haven’t obsessively read all those countless Quora and Medium posts. Otherwise, skip it.